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non sequitur

batteries not included, some assembly required, sanity sold separately.

The following statements may or may not be true, including this sentence:

- Contrary to whatever the nickname may mislead you to think, I am not Swedish. I am not male. I'm not even 'tastic'.

- I am extremely myopic and astigmatic. In other words, I have cruddy vision.

- I like to sleep. A lot.

- Doodling while the teacher is talking seems to occur frequently when I am in the close vicinity of something that can write and anything that can be defaced.

- I have a short attention sp -- OH HEY LOOK A SQUIRREL!

- I play piano and would fancy being able to play bass guitar.

- I think Portgas D. Ace is awesome because of his hat, because of his freckles, and because of FIRE!

- I also think Smoker is awesome because of his facial expression (or rather expressions, if you count varying degrees of irritation as being different, such as 'annoyed', 'very exasperated', 'severely pissed', or 'DIE, - - - -ER, DIE!').

- Legend of Zelda is made of epic win, in my humble opinion.

- Specifically addressed to hubby: I AM NOT CUTE, DARN IT.

- Once upon a time, I had fish and some snails, but they all died of various causes, such as starvation, old age, gluttony, and being a victim of cannibalism.

- For some reason, I enjoy constructive criticism. Well, I suppose it's because there's always room for improvement!

And finally...

- I am a genetic mutant. (Really. I'm not lying!)
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